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100% Online Tuition

Give your child the tools to succeed - in the comfort of your home

We've Got You Covered

Interactive Online Lessons

Interactive and engaging lessons

in the comfort of your home

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Weekly dose of strategies and practical study tips to tackle examination questions

Personalised Learning

Personalised learning to develop the full potential of every student

How Our Online Lessons Work

Curious Mindz offers small group online tuition programme accessible from the comfort of your home. This allows students to receive individualised attention from their coaches. Our coaches come from various backgrounds including current and ex-school teachers so parents can be assured of the quality of teaching.


We are committed to make our online sessions interactive and highly engaging, as we want to stimulate our students’ curiosity and want them to enjoy learning. Our live online coaching sessions are enhanced with screen share, digitised notes, interactive whiteboard and real-time feedback.

Laptop and Heaphones

Our students will also have their own individual shared folder where they can upload and download their learning materials. Parents will also receive constructive feedback on student’s participation and performance.


Our Live and interactive online coaching sessions:

  • Based on Singapore’s syllabus

  • Coaches use interactive whiteboard or screen share to explain concepts or test students on their understanding

  • Students ask questions using video or text chat

  • Sessions are engaging and motivating with coach and peers


Enjoy Learning Through
Engaging Online Experience

Our learning materials include skill-based modules, targeted practices and fun learning activities such as the use of mind maps, graphs and creative visual representations. Through our enrichment programmes, students learn proven strategies, tips and tricks to help them better analyse and comprehend complex topics.

Online Class
Committed and Passionate Coaches

As our classes are designed by education specialists, we ensure that every lesson is focused on learning what is relevant for the school term. We not only equip them with the right skills and knowledge, we also empower them and nurture their love for learning which significantly improve their academic performance.


"I got a B for my PSLE which is a huge improvement 'cos I failed before coming to Curious Mindz."

Student, Seraphina

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