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"Teachers plant the seeds of Knowledge that last a Lifetime."
~ Ann O'nymous

Looking for a tutor who help your child to perform better in his/her studies?


You have found the right place! Our coaches have more than 5 years of experience in guiding and inspiring children to study hard and achieve better results.


We aim to empower children with learning Strategies and Skills to build a strong foundation through the power of being Curious, Inquisitive and Solving. With our C-I-S method, learners naturally gain the inquisitiveness, clarity and confidence to excel in their formal assessments in school and improve their grades within 90 days.

You can find out more about our coaches below.


PM or WhatsApp @ 87870212 now to find out more about our programmes.

Our Coaches


Coach Eka

Coach Eka has been teaching Primary and Secondary Science and Mathematics since 2008. She is well versed and experienced in the syllabus, and has garnered impressive improvements of grades from his students. She has also taught students for AEIS exams and students in international schools.


Coach Pei Ying

Coach Pei Ying is an experienced tutor, helping many students to achieve 2 grades higher within 6 months. She is dedicated to ensure her students understand the lessons taught and are able to apply the skills learned in their studies. In her free time, she volunteers to teach underprivileged students.


Coach Nur Aini

Coach Nikki.jpeg

Coach Nikki

With a spirited and bubbly personality, Coach Nikki is a dedicated teacher with a strong passion in teaching. Having a genuine love for children, Coach Nikki connects naturally well with her students and is able to impart knowledge acquired over her years of personal learning and teaching effectively. 


Coach Nicole

Coach Nicole has been a tutor for over 5 years, teaching both primary and secondary school students in private tuition. She often works with weaker students and aims to help students improve through creating interest in learning.


Coach Hidayah

Coach Hidayah has more than 20 years of tutoring experience. She has helped her students to improve in their studies by at least 2 grades within 3 months. Her students have also gained confidence to speak up and ask questions when in doubt.

female teacher.png

Coach CY

Coach CY has tutoring experience of more than 5 years, teaching both primary and secondary Science. She is a dedicated tutor who aims to ensure that her students understand the topics and will be able to answer questions well.

Coach Nur Aini, Director of Curious Mindz Global Pte. Ltd., is an NIE-certified Education Specialist (MOE) and Instructional Designer. With over 20 years of teaching experience in Science and Mathematics, her students have grown in confidence and consistently shown improvements in their academic grades. She is well liked by her students and has gained the trust of their parents.

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