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"Action is the foundational key to all success."
~ Pablo Picasso

Stressed that exams are around the corner and your child is not performing well? Join our Intensive Coaching Workshops by experienced coaches.


Various workshops are lined up to specifically equip your child with key skills to master Mathematics and Science. Empowered with skills and techniques, students will gain confidence to Excel in their formal assessments in school.


Conducted by experienced coaches, with more than 20 years of teaching experience, specialising in Mathematics and/or Science.


Limited slots available.


PM or WhatsApp @ 87870212 now to register.


Word Problem Strategies

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Our Math Workshop is specifically geared to unlock your child’s potential to tackle tricky word problems. After the programme, your child will be able to break down questions by identifying key information, apply the various strategies and gain confidence in solving word problems effectively.

This workshop is suitable for Upper Primary students who aim to improve in Math.


Key Learning Objectives:
  • Identify key information and break down challenging questions into bite-sized content

  • Apply the correct strategies to answer questions effectively

  • Gain confidence when attempting the Word Problems


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