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Benefits of Online Tuition

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Online tuition has been increasing in popularity all over the world even before the pandemic started. In Singapore, the number of students attending online tuition has been rising since the start of the pandemic. Curious Mindz offers 100% online programmes that give your child the tools to succeed in the comfort of their own home!

You must be wondering how beneficial online tuition can be when your child is sitting in front of the screen for hours. That’s why we have curated some benefits of online tuition below!

Small class group

Online tuition which is usually conducted in small class sizes allows your child to receive more attention from their tutors. Your child will be able to receive timely feedback and assistance much easier as compared to larger class sizes. Hence, your child will be able to maximise their time in class and have more opportunities to ask whenever they are in doubt.

Convenient way of sharing resources

The internet contains a myriad of information that your child can learn from. Tutors will be able to share supplementary resources such as videos of science experiments from Youtube, or other information from the internet easily with their students through the online platform. With these additional learning resources, it can better facilitate your child’s learning and also make it more interactive with videos.

Expert tutors

Your child will be able to attend their lessons wherever they want and still receive good quality lessons. With online tuitions having experienced and passionate tutors, they guarantee that your child will take away valuable lessons from class that will help them excel.


With their tuition being online, your child will save time and energy on travelling to tuition centres. Your child will be able to better utilise those travelling times into time to prepare for their lessons online or to take a break. They will also feel more energetic when they attend the lessons. Having such convenient classes will motivate them to put in more effort too!

Contemplating if these benefits are true? You can try signing your child up for our free trial lessons at Curious Mindz! We provide interactive lessons during our weekly coaching sessions, conducted by our experienced tutors, and personalised learning to better suit each and every child!

We are currently open for registration for 2023, with a free welcome gift and discount for new sign-ups till 31 December 2022!

You can head over to our website ( to sign up or simply WhatsApp us at 8787 0212!

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