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"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later."
~ Og Mandino

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Primary Mathematics Programme

Math and Geometry Tools
Is your child struggling with Mathematics?

Our Mathematics Online Tutoring Sessions are formulated to empower your child with skills and strategies required for his transitions in his Primary School and build a strong foundation that will help him achieve success in formal assessments in school. By understanding the Mathematical concepts and mastering problem-solving skills, your child will gain confidence in tackling challenging Mathematics questions.

In this programme, your child will:
  • Learn step-by-step on how to tackle tough Mathematics questions;
  • Be exposed to various question types;
  • Evaluate his content mastery through practices provided;
  • Acquire other skills such as time management to practice while doing his revisions;
  • Be equipped with the right knowledge, strategies and attitudes to achieve success and much more!

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