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About the course

Is your child struggling to understand and remember Biology concepts?

Our Biology Online Coaching Sessions are made to further expose your child’s understanding of Biology and build up his confidence in the subject. With Biology being a content-heavy subject, an immense amount of content mastery is required for your child to excel in it. Our coaches are well-versed with the content and they are able to help him to build an in-depth understanding of each chapter. Your child will also be taught on tackling higher-order thinking questions and the method to answer them.

In this programme, your child will:
Learn skills such as analysis, interpret, evaluate and reflect;
Learn to manage essay questions and learn how to write accurate and comprehensive answers;
Master the contents with easier memorising techniques taught;
Develop skills such as making conceptual links between the different chapters, experimental planning, analysis and reflections;
Be equipped with the right knowledge, strategies and attitudes to achieve success and much more!

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