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Curious Kidz: How Hurricanes Form?

Have you ever been curious about the remarkable process that gives rise to hurricanes despite Singapore's fortunate immunity to these colossal storms?

Let's explore how these massive storms develop, giving us a peek into the amazing power of nature...

Warm Ocean Water

While Singapore may be spared from hurricanes, they usually form over warm ocean waters where temperatures soar above 26°C (79°F). This warm environment is key for their formation.

Moist Air

Water evaporates from the ocean's surface, making the air above it moist. This creates the right conditions for a storm to develop. As this warm, moist air rises, it sets the stage for the storm to grow.


Despite Singapore's safe haven from hurricanes, understanding their formation helps us understand more about the Earth. The Coriolis effect, caused by the Earth's rotation, makes the developing storm spin, giving it its cyclonic shape.

Exploring the science behind how hurricanes form gives us a better understanding of our planet's weather systems, which are truly fascinating.

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