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Study Tips

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

June Holidays are here and it is a good time for you to review your study methods and come up with better ones for the next semester. Here we have some tips for you to consider!

Study at the same time daily

Other than only studying in the same area daily, it will be good to also study at the same time daily. This will boost your concentration levels as when it’s time to start studying, your mind will automatically go into its ‘focus’ mode and help you concentrate.

Do not rely on ‘motivation’ to keep you studying

Studying is not something that everyone loves. It is understandable but do not only study whenever you feel ‘motivated’. Motivation is not enough to help you do well. Discipline and motivation go hand in hand and both are required to excel. Being only motivated to reach your target, but not showing it in your actions will not produce the results you want. You will need not only to be motivated to score well but also to have the discipline to sit down and do your work to be able to produce the results you want.

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method based on 25-minute stretches of focused work broken by five-minute breaks. This technique is flexible in terms that you can set the duration of focus time and break that is the most suited for you. For example, if you prefer studying for 2 hours to prevent the breaking of momentum, then you can set your focus time to be 2 hours and take a longer break of 30 minutes. You can repeat this cycle 3 times and call it a day! With such a technique, it can make sure that you do take your breaks, and also allow you to focus better and spread out your productivity levels throughout the day.

Set targets

Setting targets will let you focus on your goals and trigger new behaviours while studying. Instead of studying mindlessly without a target in mind, having a target will give you something to work towards. With the intention to study and the discipline to try to hit your target, you will feel accountable to reach it and do the best you can.

Take breaks

Remember, studying is a marathon. You should always know when you are tired and take breaks when necessary. There is no point if you try to mug throughout the night and do not have enough rest. You will have a higher tendency to forget whatever you learn. When your brain is tired, it will not absorb any more information as it is busy telling you to rest. It has also been proven that your brain will shrink when you are too stressed. Your brain is like a sponge. Imagine absorbing too much ‘water’ and also facing stress, the size of this ‘sponge’ shrinks and can absorb less ‘water’, resulting in the ‘sponge’ not being able to work to its maximum capacity. So, taking breaks is very important so that you can take in as much information as required while you are studying to make your studying sessions worthwhile.

Hope these tips can help you better plan your study methods!

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